We Find Security Vulnerabilities in Your Software Through Source Code Review

The so-called White-Box Penetration Test against Your Software

Have you developed (or had developed) something critical for your company?

Something that perhaps even generates revenue? Then your software should be secure.

But how can this be assessed?

The Black-Box Penetration Test can provide an external attacker's perspective on your software. However, security vulnerabilities can also be found via Code Review or White-Box Test, where the source code is examined directly.

Martin Haunschmid
Foto: Irnis Kubat

Through Source Code Review, I find security vulnerabilities in your software.

I have been writing software for over 15 years. And – to be honest – I have occasionally built in security vulnerabilities. Not intentionally of course, but I know exactly how such vulnerabilities can arise. And how to find them.

I can also help your development team avoid repeating my mistakes.

A White-Box Test proceeds as follows:


Non-binding initial conversation

What should be tested? What are the technologies used?


The Test

The source code is examined. I can verify findings on a test instance if desired.



and a debriefing of the results

"I know that there is a shortage of skilled workers, and we all have to work with what we have. Therefore, I will always act constructively and at eye level – no matter the result of the test."

Martin Haunschmid, CEO Adversary GmbH

SIGSEGV: Program failed

An insecure application can lead to not only data protection fines but also to the hacking of the company – or its customers.

Program finished successfully.

After the Code Review

  • You know what vulnerabilities exist in your software
  • You can assess the risk associated
  • You have a plan on how to close these issues

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In the initial consultation, you will get to know us and our philosophy, and we will briefly discuss how we can help you. So that you and your company:

  • Become safer
  • Are quickly operational again in case of an incident
  • Don't have to be glad every time an article about hacking appears that it wasn't you this time
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