Does Your Software Product Have Security Vulnerabilities?

We help you find out.

Is Your Application Secure?

You have programmed (or had programmed) something you sell. That maybe even makes up a large part of your revenue. But is the application secure?

Can cybercriminals hack your software? Or even use it to distribute malware to your customers?

Martin Haunschmid
Foto: Irnis Kubat

We test your web application

But instead of harming you, your company, or your customers, We help you close the found security gaps – so that hackers with criminal energy can't find them anymore.

A test of an application works like this:


Non-binding initial consultation

What should be tested? What's the technology stack?


The 'Attack'



We'll deliver a report and help you and your team understand the implications and how to fix things.

"I was a developer once, so following a penetration test against your software, I can help your team fixing errors and also not make them anymore."

Martin Haunschmid, CEO Adversary GmbH

SIGSEGV: Program failed

An insecure application can lead not only to data protection fines but also to successful attacks against the company – or even its customers.

Program finished successfully.

With a penetration test of your application, you find out:

  • Knowledge

    Which security vulnerabilities exist in the application – and how to evaluate them.

  • Assess

    You can better assess the work of external developers

  • Plan

    You know how the issues can be fixed.

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In the initial consultation, you will get to know us and our philosophy, and we will briefly discuss how we can help you. So that you and your company:

  • Become safer
  • Are quickly operational again in case of an incident
  • Don't have to be glad every time an article about hacking appears that it wasn't you this time
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