/ˈadvəs(ə)ri/. Noun.

the adversarial mindset

The Hacker Mindset

To protect companies from cyberattacks, it takes individuals who think like attackers and know how they proceed.

Here, threats are thought through, tested, and subsequently mitigated and rendered harmless together with the customer.

We draw on our knowledge of tactics, tools, and cybercrime to protect your company.

The question we continuously ask ourselves is:

How could this be used against your company? And how do we prevent this from happening?

Martin Haunschmid, CEO Adversary GmbH

man adversary

How we can help you

We live cybersecurity. And we love being a sparring partner for your company. Below you will find an overview of our services.

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In the initial consultation, you will get to know us and our philosophy, and we will briefly discuss how we can help you. So that you and your company:

  • Become safer
  • Are quickly operational again in case of an incident
  • Don't have to be glad every time an article about hacking appears that it wasn't you this time
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