Trainings and Workshops for Developers

So your penetration testers/hackers get frustrated (because your software will be secure)

Burying your head in the sand is not an option (unfortunately).

Whether you're a CEO, project- or dev lead, or a developer implementing the feature yourself: In some form, you're responsible for ensuring that the software produced is also secure.

In addition to the dangers of a hack or data leak, many other external influences nowadays lead to only one conclusion: Investing in secure software development is becoming increasingly important!

Why you need to train your team

Regulations (e.g., NIS2)

Even if you don't count as critical or essential companies: Your customers probably do. And they must ensure that their supply chain is secure. Can you prove that?


Data leaks, security vulnerabilities, and hacks may lead to reputational damage – up to the loss of customers.


Development talents want to work with modern tools and methodologies (e.g., DevOps, Infrastructure as Code) and learn new things.

Martin Haunschmid
Foto: Irnis Kubat

I know how developers think – I was one myself (and I also implemented some security vulnerabilities).

  • For over 10 years I was a programmer – from enterprise Java solutions to modern JavaScript frameworks. This website here is also handmade by me.
  • Today I am the CEO of Adversary GmbH, my job now is hacking, basically the "destruction" of software. My background as a dev helps me immensely:
  • Sometimes it feels like I have a sixth sense for mistakes made by developers, or shortcuts they take.
  • I now combine these two worlds to show your developers how they can write more secure code, how they should think about their own code (and their users), and also teach them how to hack the features they just developed.
"Of course, we could get some certification somewhere, but I want my people to learn something!"

IT Management, Software Company Insurance Industry

0.5 to 3 days

Remote or on-site

max. 15 people

Materials included


Depending on the duration of the workshop and requirements, any of the following modules are possible.

🧠 Mindset

How do hackers think? How do developers think?

πŸ“„ Pentest

Already have a penetration test report?

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Methodology

Security vulnerabilities and how they are found

βš™οΈ Infrastructure

The error is often not in the code!

β˜‘οΈ Organization

The company culture too...

πŸ‘Ύ Hack yourself

Hack Yourself

Inquire now and make life difficult for hackers/penetration testers in the future!

SIGSEGV: Program failed

Many hacks – and thus financial and reputational damage – could have been avoided...

had the developers received appropriate training.

Program finished successfully.

After our workshops with your team...

  • Your devs will know about known security vulnerabilities, how they can be technically exploited and avoided.

  • Your developers will have the tools to make the right decisions during development.

  • Your team will have taken some steps in the shoes of an attacker and can ultimately create more secure solutions.

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In the initial consultation, you will get to know us and our philosophy, and we will briefly discuss how we can help you. So that you and your company:

  • Become safer
  • Are quickly operational again in case of an incident
  • Don't have to be glad every time an article about hacking appears that it wasn't you this time
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