I help SMEs with to their cybersecurity concept with just one bootcamp

In just a few hours – no technical knowledge necessary – at eye level

Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was burnt down in one.

Whether a software company or industrial operation, we live in a time when a company can be completely shut down from one day to the next.

The consequences can be severe:


Rebuilding infrastructure

Maersk had to rebuild its entire IT infrastructure from scratch in 2017.


Corporate data published

15GB of order data from the body manufacturer Gedia were published.


66% loss in market value

The parent company of Travelex lost two-thirds of its market value due to a ransomware attack.


Loss of reputation

Do you want to cooperate with a company that doesn't have good cybersecurity?

Companies often take refuge in one of the following myths:

  • We are too small

    43% of cyberattacks target SMEs (Symantec)

  • Who would want to damage us?

    In 67% of the attacks, the attackers' motive was financial damage, so an impersonal motive.

  • Everything is working fine

    Applications programmed years ago often still do not take into account today's security standards in development.

Martin Haunschmid
Foto: Irnis Kubat

I fell for the same myths...

Until a few years ago. That's when one of our websites got hacked. We were lucky: apart from 6 hours of cleanup work (and the incalculable emotional damage) nothing happened.

So I know this subtle fear. An attack could happen at any time that throws the entire company into disarray. Much of this subtle fear arises from not wanting to look.

I think this is a bad way to manage business risks.

Time to face IT security risks.

Time for the hack-mi.net Bootcamp.

In 3 steps to the IT security concept


1. Map

Together we create a rough map of your company. No technical knowledge needed.


2. Dangers

Using a list or a serious play card game, we enumerate concrete dangers against your company.


3. Measures

The result is a list of concrete risks and measures in your company, based on which you can proactively start protecting your mission.

My claim:
  • I communicate with you on equal footing.
  • If you don't know something, that's okay.
  • I will not throw technical terms around but will always aim for your understanding.

Martin Haunschmid, CEO Adversary GmbH

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SIGSEGV: Program failed

"Under pressure, we do not live up to our expectations, but fall back to the lowest level of our training."

– Archilochus

This also applies to organizations. Risks don't disappear by ignoring them. When they do occur, the consequences are all the worse.

Program finished successfully.

After the hack-mi.net Bootcamp

  • You will know exactly where to start
  • You will have a list of measures that are the biggest levers for increased IT security in your organization
  • The subtle fear of attacks turns into concrete assessments of your own company

So that you can proactively protect your mission and your company from now on.

So your Rome doesn't burn down in a day.

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  • Become safer
  • Are quickly operational again in case of an incident
  • Don't have to be glad every time an article about hacking appears that it wasn't you this time
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